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Truffle Honey Market is a specialty food market that is dedicated to bringing the best of New York's artisanal food scene to its customers. The market features a curated selection of NY-only cheeses, charcuterie meats, jams, honeys, and snacks, all sourced from local producers and makers.

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Artisan Cheeses & Meats

Cheese lovers will be delighted by the range of artisanal cheeses available at Truffle Honey Market, including hard, soft, and aged varieties. The market also offers a selection of locally-made charcuterie meats, including salamis, prosciuttos, and cured sausages.

In addition to cheese and charcuterie, Truffle Honey Market also offers a variety of artisanal jams, honeys, and other condiments that pair perfectly with their selection of cheeses and meats. Customers can also find a range of snacks, such as crackers, nuts, and chocolates, to complete their perfect gourmet picnic or charcuterie board.

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