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"Our wish is to give you the experience of walking through an art museum full of stimulating content and one of a kind pieces, with the thrill of finding that unique handmade item in a gorgeous boutique setting."

Art Cloth & Craft is a boutique featuring an eclectic mix of handcrafted, vintage and modern. Offering a curated collection of small batch handcrafted goods from small companies, makers and Western New York artists. We are a local sister, we also design and make hand crafted jewelry and home goods. In our boutique we carry unique finds, vintage items, gifts, handmade regional souvenirs, fine fragrances, natural beauty and bath products as well as boutique clothing. We aim to source from environmentally conscience, socially and ethically good companies. 



Established in 2019.

As sisters, we've been crafting and making art together ever since we were kids. We were raised with an appreciation and love for art, design and nature, as well as a sense of environmental responsibility. In 2019 we created Art Cloth & Craft. Our grass route journey began with selling our handmade goods at festivals, the local farmer's markets and pop-ups. After a few years we moved into a shared office space with a couple fellow artists and began to do pop-ups there. After a lot of work and luck, we came across a great venue in Downtown Jamestown to expand our business. In addition to our own handmade items, we added a curated collection of small batch handcrafted goods from small companies, makers & Western New York artists. So many fun and unique goodies and gifts. In May of 2023 we opened our second location at CHQ Marketplace in Mayville, NY.

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